Americorps Service Member, Austin BattlesAustin Battles, AOA’s AmeriCorps Stewardship Coordinator, has been busy this year battling the numerous invasive species that threaten the flora and fauna at several AOA preserves. His focus over the last month has been the challenge to control and / or eradicate the ubiquitous garlic mustard, which forms large, dense colonies and shades out many of our spring

Austin is out in the woods and fields virtually every day helping to identify and address the invasive problems. When the garlic mustard picking season is over he will continue work on several other notorious invaders that afflict our properties. These include multiflora rose, tree of heaven, bush honeysuckle, and barberry.

Austin received invasive herbicide treatment certification from the Ohio Department of Agriculture last winter. One of his tasks was to prepare a series of summary documents with characteristics and treatment options for the dozen most troubling invasives affecting AOA preserves. These serve as a guide for addressing the numerous invasive species we need to manage.

There are still many garlic mustard plants on AOA lands. If you see Austin with his hands full of the stuff, be sure to thank him and tell him how much you enjoy the beautiful views of our native wildflowers!

You can Help Make a Difference! Now is the time to address the Garlic Mustard issues as well as a great time to be in the woods and enjoy the wildflowers. Austin could use volunteers to work with him to address the invasive issues. Many of the treatment applications are more efficient with a second person.

If you would like to volunteer some time to help Austin please call him at 440.223.0287 or email He would welcome your company and assistance.

AOA’s Invasive Removal Schedule and Information