AOA recently purchased a spectacular 21-acre parcel that expands our Bison Hollow Preserve on the Hocking / Vinton County line. The Fought Preserve addition features outstanding Hocking Hills terrain including black-hand sandstone bluffs and rock overhangs that form a narrow gorge along the East Fork of Queer Creek.

Steve Fought discusses his love of this property in a stirring testimonial he wrote about his search for this special landscape and his strong feelings of attachment. “I decided to sell the property to AOA because I love it so much.”

His desire to permanently preserve this unique Ohio landscape and the angst he experienced in deciding to sell it to AOA are revealed in his poignant words.

Read Steve’s moving testimonial here.

Some of you may have already hiked on the Fought Preserve site when visiting our adjoining Bison Hollow Preserve. If not, please plan to join us next year when we will lead a hike through Bison Hollow to view this extraordinary property.

Without the conservation efforts of the Appalachia Ohio Alliance, properties like the Fought Preserve are at risk  — their natural beauty and distinctive features permanently lost.  We are grateful for the support and assistance of our friends who helped us protect this site and others like it.

For more images of the Fought Preserve and Bison Hollow, click here.