Carole King, the popular singer/songwriter has received much attention in the media recently for her love of the land.  She has carried a great passion for conservation of our land and water throughout her life and has been fiscally supportive of the preservation movement in the U.S.  It is timely for us to recognize Carole and to share a remarkable story about Carole and AOA.

We are proud to reflect on the history of the Appalachia Ohio Alliance – founded in August, 2001 and incorporated in July, 2002.  Brock Evans, a native of Bexley, Ohio with a passion for conservation work, visited many regions of this planet in 1997 and joined the “White Cloud Council” (WCC) located in Boise, Idaho.  The WCC Governing Board included prominent conservationists including Carole King, Mitch Freidman and other notables.  Following three years of successful land conservation work in the West, WCC developed a concept of “Parks 2 Peaks” (P2P) for the purpose of spreading the conservation movement in other parts of the nation and choose to sponsor three Pilot Projects in the U.S.  These were:  (1) Spokane, Washington; (2) Mississippi coastal region; and (3) Southeastern Ohio.  With much work and vision, AOA is now a highly recognized P2P conservation entity with professional staff and a core of supporters and cheerleaders.  Our land and water conservation achievements in this short 14 years is truly remarkable.

WCC provided the organizational guidance to aid in forming AOA, with Carole King providing the seed money for the startup of AOA.  Many friends and supporters have stepped up over the years to support our efforts, for which we are most grateful.

We all thank you so much Carole for your vision and “caring & sharing.”

By Clyde Gosnell, a founding member