AOA is moving ahead with two new acquisitions that will expand our Scioto River Flyway and Cackley Swamp initiatives. The Brad and Katie Schneider property encompasses 152 acres in Pickaway County between South Bloomfield and Circleville. Conservation of this site will protect approximately 3,500 linear feet of Scioto River frontage, plus an additional 2,500 linear feet of riparian corridor along Dry Run, a tributary to the Scioto River.

The Kiser project consists of the protection and restoration of a key site in the core section of AOA’s Cackley Swamp Preserve in Jackson County. This 32-acre parcel links two protected portions of the wetland system and lies at the critical confluence of two feeder streams. Acquisition and restoration of this site is a substantial step needed to eliminate wetland fill that impedes Cackley Swamp’s hydrology.

These projects are being undertaken with Water Resource Restoration Sponsor Program monies provided by municipal sponsors and administered by OEPA. The Ohio Department of Environmental Protection (OEPA) recently completed an environmental assessment process for both the Schneider and Kiser projects. A complete copy of the environmental assessments may be found here.