Mission and Goals

Our Mission

Dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of our land and water as sustainable natural resources that are an asset and a legacy for our community

Our Goals

  • To provide appropriate conservation options and opportunities for landowners
  • To preserve and restore the natural ecosystems of our forests, meadows, rivers, wetlands and farm lands
  • To facilitate the protection of historical and cultural landmarks and features unique to Appalachian Ohio
  • To support and carry out educational, research and outreach activities that foster an appreciation of and pride for the natural features, native plants and animals, scenic beauty and cultural and historical heritage characteristic of the Appalachia Ohio region
  • To form partnerships and collaborate with individuals and organizations that are working throughout Appalachia Ohio to conserve its natural and cultural heritage
  • To encourage and support an ecotourism industry whose success depends upon the preservation and sustainable use of scenic natural and agricultural lands unique to Appalachian Ohio
  • To promote the conservation of natural areas while encouraging appropriate growth and development that respects and complements the region’s scenic beauty and cultural values